Teaching my kids work/life balance by example.

I just had a conversation with my oldest, that I thought might be useful for other parents dealing with the two-headed COVID challenge of working from home while kids are schooling at home.

While my home office is in a separate space, a…

Thoughts on Trumpism, Q and COVID denial

Today, a friend sent me “We Hate You Now” by Quinn Norton. While, for me, hate is too strong of a word, I do understand her sentiment a lot. I feel it in my bones.

My wife has an autoimmune condition and, as…

Respond to childish behavior in adults by seeking adult resolutions.

If you are over the age of 18, never say you were “bullied”, particularly not in a professional context.

Why? You are an adult.

Instead of “bullying”, the words you should use to describe such behavior are:

  1. Discrimination
  2. Oppression


Image by Jonathan McIntosh.

Riots are a form of communication. Listen.

White, suburban Americans are afraid. I get it. …

Acknowledging my unearned advantage without fear

Over the last 24 hours, I’ve been involved in what I’ll charitably call a “debate” over whether or not it is appropriate/just to walk up and punch a neo-Nazi who is exercising their first amendment right to assembly and free speech and, despite the…

As reported by NPR, the Senate just pulled the ‘Nuclear’ Trigger to ease Gorsuch’s SCOTUS confirmation.

For the moment, this sucks; hard.

But, in the long run, this is a GOP gift to the Democrats.

When, in 2018, the Democrats win back the House and the Senate, the first thing they should do is restore ALL rules for filibustering in both bodies; including those they themselves removed.

The temptation will be to do the opposite and use this expanded power to serve their agenda, but that would be a huge mistake as it would further erode the people’s faith in out government.

Rather, they should take the high ground, re-establish long-standing and valuable traditions intended to encourage bipartisan dialogue and, in doing so, restore the faith of the American people in their government.

Why the majority must stand with (not for) the minority

People have asked me why I continue to post my concerns about the Trump administration. They say …

“He won.”

“Look at the record stock market.”

“Give him a chance.”

“He makes me uncomfortable too. But, he is President now…

Compassion and kindness are strengths; not weaknesses

Regarding “snowflake” as an epithet for progressives; ever notice how it largely used by folks who want their small group to be considered special, rather than equal?

Examples included …

… white folks who feel threatened by the browning of America,

… certain…

How George Michael Helped “Wake Me Up”

1985. I was a senior in high school and George Micheal & Andrew Ridgeley (Wham!) almost cost me my first real, tax-paying job as a barback.

“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” was on the jukebox, but had not yet broken big. Every…

Occasionally, when people of color gather to protest the death of an unarmed person at the hands of a police officer or private citizen, some property destruction occurs and, even some looting.

When that happens, I see this gem trotted out.

And, it pisses me off.

First, this meme fails…

Doug Daulton

Storyteller ... Words & Images

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